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  • Amore Collection

    A shag rug is always striking but when presented in an irresistible shade which can match the room’s ambiance, its chic quotient is elevated even more. Lushly textured and expertly crafted to stand the test of time, this fantastic rug is utterly fabulous in its look and feel.

  • Argentina CowHide Collection

    Authentic South American Cowhides made from real Cow Skin imported from Argentinian, Peruvian, Mexican & Colombian Towns.

  • Fusion Collection

    The Fusion Collection rug is power loomed in Turkey which features jute backing to assure longevity and is constructed of 100% polypropylene made in Turkey. It embodies flashy with a gradient like pattern. The colors on this rug are blue, Green, yellow, and a variation of grays. The patterns on this rug are very repetitive which give the rug a unique look. The colors are spread out but mix or overlap each other. This rug can give any space a flashy and new look.

  • Lo-La Collection

    Scrolled design on vibrant backgrounds. 100% polyester. Hand-tufted construction. Cotton backing. Available in choice of sizes. Contrasting cool and warm tones. Indoor Area Rug that is a bold addition to the décor of any room. The hand-tufted rug showcases an elegant vine pattern in chocolate brown against turquoise blue. Ultra soft underfoot, the rug has a luxurious polyester pile strengthened by a cotton backing. Despite the softness of the rug, the polyester yarns are resistant to wear and tear. Polyester also resists staining to simplify care.

  • Mona Lisa Collection

    If you’ve taken a shine into antique designs to bring a sense of oriental or middle eastern look to a room then note a Persian style rug is a great choice for modern settings. A hip trend of adding a touch of traditional look can bring vibrance & color to warm up an otherwise cold feeling modern decors tend to instill.

  • Tara Collection

    Our new Tara collection is visually appealing. It features a bold mof washed in cool natural tones & colors. The feel is luxurious. The design is adorned with interesting themed artwork adding style to your environment. It is made of high quality polypropylene and latex material. It features a protective backing designed to be durable, long lasting while adding style and comfort to your living space.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items